Check out the action!
Torsten Hallman wins both the national
and the world championship in 1963
on his factory Husqvarna. Here at Strangnas.
Torsten Hallman leads double 500cc world champ Rolf Tibblin during a close fight on the Swedish ice. The race was televised back in 1966.
Again, Torsten leads rival Ake Jonsson in a local championship at Upplands Vasby outside STockholm, Sweden.
A jump for joy.
Muddy face at Inter-AM race in Startup near Seattle. Back in 1969... or was it 1970?
Cowboy motocross at Westlake, California where Inter-AM made a big success.
Modern times: Motocross is a spectacular beyond control today. How do they do it? Nate Adams is the 2002 freestyle world champion.
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